Thursday, June 4, 2009


The toddly old man came through the doors of the health club and slowing crept up tothe counter and asked the receptionist for a membership application. His wrinkled brow lifted as he squenched enough to read the fine print and slowly with his crooked fingers held the pen and gingerly filled it out and turned it in with his crinkled 100 dollar bill he pulled from his wrinkled stained pockets. The assistant took him by the hand as he held on to hs cane a lumbered overto the scales where she was astonished when she observed he was 50ponds overweight. She asked him about his lifesyle, and he said, I smoke 4 packs of cigarettes every day, I am romantically active and don't believe in well.. you know, and I drink whiskey, wine, beer and even occasionally moonshine when I can find it. The assistant marvelled as she listened to the ramblings of the old man as he swayed back and forth narrowly missing the corner of the cabinet with his head. In a hurry to get the old man some help, she asked him, sir you forgot to fill out your age on our form, now how old are you? The old man replied 27

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